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My dad drew a Colorado unit 44 4th season buck tag. This is his once in a lifetime tag and I want to do everything I can to help him achieve his dream of harvesting a 200" mule deer. We've never hunted this unit, however we have gone over a few times in september and put some miles on learning the country. Mainly in the lower country where we expected them to be heading towards their winter grounds, but the way the weather is...its scary. Praying for some weather real fast. We're planning on setting up camp this fri/sat and scouting until his hunt starts.

Any information or insight on hunting Unit 44 4th season would be greatly appreciated.


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LAST EDITED ON Nov-08-16 AT 09:37AM (MST)[p]Great fun unit. Unfortunately weather dependent sometimes for a great hunt. Good luck. On a year like this I would shoot a buck that you would be happy with and not think it was a bad hunt if he doesn't break 200 inches. Very few bucks will break 200 inches this year. Please post a picture.


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Probably good advice. I think it depends on if your Dad has shot any or a bunch of 180 inch bucks. If he has shot a bunch, then hold out to the end looking for Mr. 200 incher. If he hasn't shot a big 180+ buck, then you might want to consider shooting the first one you see. If he has shot 1 or 2, then I guess that is the dilemma you are in...I think the big bucks will be with the does breeding, maybe only at night, but I think they will be near them.


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Get up to what they call the "Witches Tit", it's a great spot to glass a lot of country and you just might see something on your way up. We hunted this unit last year 3rd season and a good friend killed a 185+ 27 inch heavy horned buck with 5" eye guards.


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Deer are still up at 12000ft, bluebird weather in Colorado....I would be prepared for a difficult hunt.


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Cover LOTS of ground, look at as many deer as possible. Those bucks won't be able to hold too tight in the heavy timber if there are hot does. You look at enough deer, eventually there will be a big buck chasing a doe. The more deer you look at, the greater the chance of seeing a whopper.
This holds true for every unit on that 4th.

Sounds like a really fun hunt for someone wanting a huge buck. Get after it hard.

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Behind witches Tit you might look into Hardscrabble. Many 200"ers have been killed in that area. Glass glass and glass some more. Then move on.

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