Piercision 300 Norma Improved

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I've decided this gun has to go to a home that has the time to obtain its full potential. I am the original owner. It was built by Ryan Pierce of Piercision Rifles. Ryan fired it 4 times for testing and I've put 49 rounds through it for fireforming.

Kelbly Atlas Lapua bolt face action with Extreme duty bolt stop
Brux 9 twist 26" #5 contour with skip fluting
Manners EH1 BDL in Swamp camo
Bix and Andy Tac Sport trigger
Hawkins Precision BDL Hinged floor plate
Hawkins action screws
Hawkins Long action Mag follower
Hawkins 6 screw 34mm Rings with level
Wyatts MBE-3 extended mag box
Slabbed Mini Mag Brake 5/8x24 threads (Have a self timing 5 port on the way)
Atlas Bi-Pod rail
Graphite Black Cerakote

100 Pcs of Lapua brass (49 fireformed, 50 virgin, one set up with 215 Berger at 0.00" at rifling)
Hornady Match Grade dies (Brand New)
Shell holder
Cleaning rod
Berger 215 Hybrid Target x 146 pcs.
2 MTM ammo boxes

Rifle ONLY $4600 shipped to your FFL, lower 48 (insurance on the buyer).
Rifle, scope and rings $6895
I will sell scope separately if Rifle sells first. Scope is a Kahles 624i

Bi-Pod not included.


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